Welcome to Estate Sales & Consignments. We have been in the estate liquidation auction business for more than 30 years and we love what we do!

We can sell some of your items or your entire estate.  We take everything off your hands, including remaining items not purchased through your estate sale.  Nothing is wasted.

Since COVID-19, we have gone to strictly online sales which has worked out well for us and our customers.

We work closely with 802 Cleanout Services if you would like to have your space completely cleaned out at the end of the sale.

Please join our mailing list if you would like to receive notices of upcoming sales.

We look forward to seeing you!


We enjoy working in the community and with nonprofits, donating our time for Appraisal Nights and other fundraisers.                           

Peter O'Brien

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Frequently Asked Questions


We have been asked a lot of questions over the years so we pulled together a list of the most common ones.  If you don't find your answer here, give us a call at 802.238.9574.

I'm having a garage/yard sale. Can I list that with you?

Call us first! Many times, we are called after a sale when the family has the leftovers.

The real treasures were more than likely sold at much less then their real value, or thrown

in the trash. We will evaluate what you have and give you some suggestions on whether

a garage/yard sale or our services would be your best route. We might discover a few rare

items we could purchase outright or sell for you on consignment.  Our business is designed 

for traditional estate sales where most of the items of a household or business are being



How do I get started on my estate sale with you?

If you would like to meet with us for a free evaluation, to have us handle your estate sale, 

or try to find buyers for certain pieces from your collection, simply call us at 802.238.9574

or send us an email.

What information should I provide in the sale description?

It's best to examine the items in person.  If you can, provide good images and a detailed description of the item, including as much information as possible. For example, if you have furniture you would like to sell, describe its approximate age and type of wood.  Include the maker's name (if known), the color,  size, etc.  If you have any historical details about your item, be sure to include that as it may add value to your sale.

How do you market my sale?

If you are selling individual pieces, we notify our private collectors list first if you are selling items they may be interested in.


If we are coordinating your sale, we design both print and electronic ads to send to our general mailing list which contains over 1,000 names throughout Vermont and New England.  Depending on the amount of lead time we have for the sale, we start generating interest in your event a month prior to the sale and send periodic reminders throughout the month. 


Leading up to your sale, we send out several email blasts to over 1,000 potential customers.


What's my item worth?

The market fluctuates continually so there are many factors that work together to determine the value of your item.  We can provide you with an estimate of what we think it will sell for, and also a value of what we would give you if we purchased it outright.




Fantastic job and thanks so much.  You did an outstanding job and as a family, we extend a hearty thank you.

Another satisfied client.



ES&C always has a great selection of vintage and antique items at reasonable prices.  The estate sales they host are the best ones organized I have ever attended, with nearly everything pre-tagged and priced.


ES&C recently provided estate sale services to our family to liquidate our mother’s personal belongings, collectibles and furnishings.  My sisters and I found him to be the perfect mix of professional guidance, service and personal interest in our family’s situation.


Thank you for donating your time and expertise for last night's Appraisal Night.  The event  got rave reviews and folks really seemed to enjoy it!