Helping you sell your treasures 

There are many reasons people may need to get rid of their belongings - downsizing, retirement, divorce, a death in the family...

We're here to help guide you through the process every step of the way.

An Estate Sale is a way of liquidating the belongings of a family or estate.  Depending on the situation, we can assist with anything from purchasing an estate outright, helping sell single items or private collections, or handling your entire Estate Sale from start to

finish (including getting rid of all remaining items). 


We meet with you prior to the sale and provide an estimate of

what we feel you can reasonably expect to get for your items,

whether selling individually or through sale.  

Most of the time we work on a percentage basis with the sellers.  Our percentage covers expenses for set up, cleaning, displaying, tagging, and advertising for the sale.

Our main goal is to liquidate everything from the location on one specific day or weekend.  The prices we get can vary at each sale depending on location, weather, and demand for certain items.  We negotiate throughout the day or weekend and then offer table sales to close out the day and get rid of all remaining items.


If you would like an opinion on what our item is worth, please send us an email.  Be sure to include photos of your item from different angles, maker's mark (if any), dimensions, approximate age, and also if you have any historical data associated with the piece.

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