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The Traveling Appraisers are heading to Lamoille County!

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Join us at the Lamoille County Civic Center right in downtown Morrisville.  Appraisers Peter, Mike and some of their associates will be on hand to appraise your valuables.

# of Items: 3 max.
$5 charge per item

Money raised during Appraisal NIght will be donated to Justice for Dogs, a local, 100% volunteer organization.

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If you love Antiques Roadshow, you're going to love this! On Thursday, May 7th at the Lamoille County Civic Center, The Traveling Appraisers will be available to appraise your valuables.  That family heirloom you've been wondering about, the garage sale item you just couldn't pass up -- now is your chance to find out its value! 

Reservations are NOT required.  Everyone is welcome to attend and spectators are encouraged! Refreshments will be served.

Some ideas of items to bring:

  • Fine Art (including paintings, drawings, prints and statues)

  • Furniture (photos of large pieces should be sent in advance EMAIL

  • Ceramics

  • Glassware

  • Vintage photos

  • Advertising

  • Folk Art

  • Vintage toys

  • Metalware

  • Clocks

  • Musical instruments

  • Sports memorabilia

  • Native America artifacts

If you have large or fragile items, you are encouraged to send photos in advance.

If you have multiple items you would like appraised, we are available to make home visits.  Please contact us at 802.238.9574

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